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Board of Directors

Indra Powergen Pvt. Ltd.
At Indra Power , we are guided by some of the top minds in the industry who are capable of offering a powerful board to the functioning of the company as well as develop strategic plans as for the all round growth.
We are proud to have Mr. Amardeep Singh Arora as one of the directors of our company, who specializes in the domain of hospitality and power sector. Being the holder of a diploma in the Hotel Management sector from Switzerland , Mr. Arora has gathered a vast experience of 10 years in hospitality followed by another 5 years in power sector . As a result of several years of experience in the related fields, Mr. Arora is capable of offering guidance to the company and its authorities that are invaluable. Under his tutelage, the company has made significant progress in the few years of its existence and is all set to become one of the leaders in the power sector in the future years.
Gandeep Arora
Another gem that makes the board of directors stronger and more connected to technology is Mr. Gagandeep Singh Arora, who looks after the company policies and its proper functioning. Shri Jagjeet Singh Arora’s youngest son, Mr. Gagandeep Arora completed his Business Administration Degree from the University of Winnipeg in Canada. According to him, unity in difficult times, self-belief and taking that extra effort are the sure ways to achieve success in any field.
Indra Powergen

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Indra Powergen Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Nayanpur Girvarganj,
Sarguja District (C.G) - 497229
Contact : +919926901368,+919926901385

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Serving as the source of power to several hundreds of families in the comparatively backward region, Indra power has developed itself into an organization

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