Indra Powergen Pvt. ltd.


Indra Powergen Pvt. ltd.

If you are looking to work in an ambient atmosphere while achieving proper growth in your career, then Indra Powergen is the option to consider. We offer rewarding and dynamic career options in various sectors and assure that with us, your career will grow as you have never thought before read more >>

We believe that ambition and proper skills are the factors that determine your growth and as such we are ready to provide the best boost to innovative mind who are determined to achieve the zenith of success in their careers. We offer career options that are suitable for people with various skill sets so that we can build up a talented team that will be the source and the way to the ultimate success of our company. We firmly believe that when our team members put in their best, not only will we succeed in our venture but will also open up new dimensions in the career of those who work along with us.

All that we require from our employees are complete attention, excellence in their work fields, agility in their turnaround time and being innovative in all areas that they work on. Our benefit package is designed in such a way that it will ensure best remuneration for the work that our employees put in to achieve success on behalf of the company. The packages are at par and sometimes even better than the general industry standards and will ensure that there is a development in the quality of life that our employees lead.
Applying for the various posts at Indra Power is very easy. Once you have applied for a post, our HR team will scrutinize your application and verify your successful inclusion in the team. You can easily submit your resume via the link given below:

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Indra Powergen Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Nayanpur Girvarganj,
Sarguja District (C.G) - 497229
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Serving as the source of power to several hundreds of families in the comparatively backward region, Indra power has developed itself into an organization

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