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With fossil fuels being on the verge of extinction and the rising awareness for sustainable development, the importance of garnering the benefits of the non conventional energy sources has become very vital. These renewable sources have a great potential in being able to control the global warming situation and offer energy sources that can be utilized by all sections of the society without spending a fortune. As such, the present concept is to utilize the non conventional sources as much as possible to generate power that will help in the development of the backward sections of the society as well as give a boost to the idea of sustainable development.

Being an agriculture based country, India has seen a significant rise in the agricultural produces over the years. This, along with the need for industrial power, has led people to search for sources that can provide renewable and green energy, that too in significant quantities. Various measures undertaken by the government as well as the private sectors have seen a huge surge in the quantity of power being generated from the unconventional sources. At present the renewable sources account for around 12 % of total power generation of the country and include wind energy, solar energy, Biomass energy etc.

With a 10 MW generation capacity, Indra Power is the pioneer in Biomass based power production with plant in the Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh. Our power plant not only offer power sources in the underdeveloped areas but also provide with job opportunities to the economically backward section of the society. We have been in collaboration for 20 years with the Electricity Board of Chhattisgarh and are known to be the successful providers of carbon free power sources long since 2009.

Our goal is to provide with an Eco friendly solution for the future power problems and also help the backward section of the country to come forward in the society with strategic approaches. This is the very reason for which we are looking to introduce more and more job opportunities.

We have introduced a brick factory within our premises that is capable of manufacturing 25000 Fly Ash bricks per day. We also have future plans to build a rice mill which will have the capacity of 56 Tons, whereas it will produce a significant amount of husk to fulfil the amount required for the Power Plant. We have taken all the initiative to ensure that the areas around our office and plants are positively impacted by our presence and the services that we provide. Our main aim is to help everyone achieve development in an eco friendly way. For this we have always focused on affordable and easy to access services that are sure to benefit the masses as well as the society in general. We also have undertaken CSR initiatives that work for the betterment of the less privileged.

Jagjeet Singh Arora

Indra Powergen

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Indra Powergen Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Nayanpur Girvarganj,
Sarguja District (C.G) - 497229
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Serving as the source of power to several hundreds of families in the comparatively backward region, Indra power has developed itself into an organization

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