Indra Powergen Pvt. ltd.

Mission Statement

Indra Powergen Pvt. Ltd.

  • To attain best global practices and become a leading power generating company in India.
  • To practice highest standards of corporate governance and deliver constant profitable growth.
  • Operate our assets at benchmark levels.
  • To achieve excellence in project execution, with predictable benchmark quality, safety standards, cost and time.
  • To relentlessly pursue new opportunities, capitalizing on synergies in the power generation sector.
  • To foster a culture of care, trust, challenge and empowerment among our employees.
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern for society.
  • To ensure that our customers build their business, employees build their future and shareholders build their wealth.
  • To be a partner in nation building and contribute towards India’s economic growth.

Indra Powergen

Contact Us

Indra Powergen Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Nayanpur Girvarganj,
Sarguja District (C.G) - 497229
Contact : +919926901368,+919926901385

Company Profile

Serving as the source of power to several hundreds of families in the comparatively backward region, Indra power has developed itself into an organization

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