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Privacy Policy

We at Indra Power highly respect the privacy of those who visit and use our website and feel ourselves responsible to maintain the security and privacy of the personal data that our users input or provide us while accessing various services offered by our website. Our privacy policy covers the website of Indra Power and all dealings with this website come under the umbrella of these privacy policies.

Identifiable Personal Information

Our website may collect identification information regarding the users through a variety of procedures that may include registering on our site, placing an order with our site, subscribing to news letters, filling out online forms on our websites, responding to surveys or polls that we may put up on our website from time to time and other activities that require the user to fill out information, usually related to their preferences, income, age, email address, phone number, mailing address and other data that may be appropriate for the completion of the procedure. However, we do not force our users to provide any personal information and they may do so only if they want to register their personal details with our website for accessing our services and offers. We follow all the laws pertaining to the protection of personal information prevalent in India and as such, we do not distribute or sale any personal data to any third party agencies or organizations that may use the same for a promotion or some solicitation.

Non Personal Information

Apart from the various personal data that our users may input into our website, we may also collect non personal data from our users when they use and interact with the website. Such data may include the technical information regarding the ways of connection, the category of device in use, the browser name, the ISP providers, the OS, and other such technical information pertaining to the way and the mode via which our users interact and connect to the website.


Our website may use a number of cookies for various purposes in order to offer a better service to the users. As such, the browsers being used by the users may control and store information via these cookies for further use. It is upon the discretion of the users to decide whether they want their information stored in the form of cookies or they want to remain anonymous. As such, the users have to take their own initiatives to ensure that they have their cookie options turned off so as to prevent their web browsers from storing information that they provide to our website. This is, in no way, our responsibility and we must not be held responsible for any issues or loss that may arise indirectly or directly due to the use of such cookies.

Third Party Policy

The users may find links or urls directly named to other websites or services within the pages of our website. This is not any sort of promotion or endorsement on our part and we advise our users to check the privacy policy of the third party websites concerned before they actually input their personal or non personal data into such websites or links. We do not bear any responsibility for any third party and do not guarantee on the functionality or legality of such websites.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Indra Power holds the entire authority for changing or updating the privacy policies that are mentioned above and can do so without any permission from anyone whatsoever. As such, our users are always advised to keep themselves abreast of the updates that we may introduce from time to time and abide and follow them to the point. It is the total responsibility of the users to be knowledgeable about any changes that we may introduce and any issue arising out of ignorance on the part of the users will not be entertained in any way.

Acceptance of the Terms

Whenever you use our website, you promise to abide by and follow all the terms and policies set by Indra Power and any violation to this may come under legal action. As such, we advise our users to use our website only if they agree to and abide by all rules and policies set down in these pages. In case of your continual usage of the site post amendments of our policies and terms will be regarded as your acceptance of the changed terms and no ignorance of the same will be accepted in any case of dispute.

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